Corten steel, galvanized steel

Covering the walls are made ​​of metal sheets folded and cut standards or not used to cover an old wall or wall-L concrete. Depending on the wall, the items will be standard or not.

While it is entirely possible to work here to measure. Everything will depend on you and the effect that is desired and the type of initial support, or an old
a new wall.

The cover wall portion of the double edge sheet metal easy to protect a head wall of large steel sections while protecting a supporting wall or covering partly or wholly part of the carrier wall of a building.

Water fountain in the mirror, the walls are paneled wall covering corten steel. These were made ​​to measure, placed and welded together on site. A small door was cut and designed to come inside the wall under the basins.

On terrrasse planters with galvanized steel …

In the case of wall coverings made ​​of galvanized steel, the objective was quite different. This was to cover the elements of L-concrete walls give the impression of a large area and delineate planting huge kind planters.

Galvanized steel sheets have been made ​​to measure distance, delivered on site and set up with a mounting system provided by mini aluminum rivets being inconspicuous Tonal